The Value of Art: the art of value

Adam Katz, Owner of Talon Air, at cockpit of his Gulfstream
Adam Katz, Owner of Talon Air, at cockpit of his Gulfstream

Who would have adequately estimated the value of a Van Gogh painting at the moment of its creation, save alone the artist himself?  Most likely the artist has painted humbly from his indefinable soul and as a counterpart, a new patron would emerge mutually recognizing this greater vision expressed through the work of art.

Adam Katz is one of my patrons. Owner of Talon Air and Sea Charter from Long Island, Adam supports value and it runs across the board in every aspect of living. It is an exchange of both worlds, the artist and patron relationship, but in terms of the broader vision of serving others at large. Adam’s vision is to enhance the businessman’s travel needs incorporating them into a seamless experience. Art can only lend to the tone and ambience of the headquarters, resonating its positive energy among all concerned who enter.

taloncopter2e1  serquee


It happened that because my photography expertise came handy, my images of his entire air and sea fleet created through large format giclee printing technology now adorn his corporation walls as well as some of my original oils as shown here.

Apres Golf, painting in oil, 60" X 84"


The art throughout would perpetuate this inherent enduring value as tokens of a lifelong friendship. Though usually understood as being priceless, many would agree that art itself appreciates and continues to remain appreciated.


Article and photographs, courtesy of Artist Charles Wildbank


Wildbank at Mieko Yuki’s exhibit at Ippodo Gallery

Wildbank with BA KA SU by Mieko Yuki     Wildbank with BA KA SU by Mieko Yuki

On a wet Saturday afternoon, Mary and I took a tour of Chelsea’s galleries and stumbled upon the unusual ceramic masks and sculpture by Japan artist Mieko Yuki.  Also included in the exhibit are masks to the theme of the Ningyo Shimai Theatre performing this month in New York. The themes are rich in parables dating back to the Edo era.  As many cups of tea or sakes a day consumed by me are worn by this intriquing sculpture BA KA SU which is translated as “to bewitch” or “to change identities”. Here I was very warmly welcomed by Mieko and her crowd. The receptive atmosphere of the Ippodo Gallery brings forth fond memories of the tenderness I experienced in my travels to Japan. 

Doll Sisters Kazuko Yoshiyuki and Mieko Yuki with Charles Wildbank
Doll Sisters Kazuko Yoshiyuki and Mieko Yuki with Charles Wildbank

You have to experience the hospitality among the diverse people that I have in Japan as well as in New York in the Ippodo Gallery, and not to mention the unusual and delicious hors d’ouerves, of course, in the Japan style!

I’ve included a photo taken of me in Mount Koya at a monastery not too long ago to give you the idea of my passion for Japan. 🙂

Photographs and article, courtesy of Artist Charles Wildbank

Younger Wildbank at Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture
Younger Wildbank at Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture

This month’s issue of Westchester Cottage & Garden

Westchester Cottage & Garden November 2008 


Westchester Cottage & Garden November 2008

Wildbank’s large canvas “Cool Wave” is featured in this month’s issue of Westchester Cottage & Garden. Breathtaking color schemes have been collaborated with interior architect genius, Debra Geller, throughout the large home in Armonk, New York. First level is rich in aquamarines, peacock, sea foam, asparagus and citrons. Result is a vibrating resonance reflected from the art to the heart.

"Cool Wave" art by Charles Wildbank

Wildbank’s favorite cocktail

Wildbank's daily cocktail

American Yogini Raw Juice Cleanse Program Photography by Charles Wildbank

 Wildbank, besides painting his creations or writing poetry, enjoys a life of raw food recipes, veggie juices, yoga and kayaking almost daily at American Yogini with its founder, Mary McGuire.

Much of his photography is featured on these internet pages promoting a healthy lifestyle to anyone who wishes to renew their lifeforce and energy. All that is needed is a little “time-out” for a few days out in the country here in the North Fork.

This is a comfortable retreat, called “WELCOME HOHM” situated within walking distance of the Hampton Jitney bus stop and just down the street by some nice beaches for swimming, kayaking or relaxation. Visitors have arrived to stay as a restorative stopover from faraway places as Japan, Belgium, Brasil, Puerto Rico, and France. Also for the prana hungry are some really scenic vineyards, grazing farms, and horse ranches for equestrian training as well.

Favorite of all, at the retreat, Wildbank concludes the day among the guests indulging in some quiet time together with a gentle and simple meditation exercise for that real cleanse, the quieting of the mind.

Wildbank’s ‘Golden Buddha’ featured in Tibet House Auction Benefit

Charles Wildbank in front of his towering Golden Buddha art

Charles Wildbank in front of his towering Golden Buddha art

One of my large donated artworks, the ‘Golden Buddha’, is featured on the cover of the Tibet House Auction Benefit catalog this season. The event takes place at Christie’s Auction at Rockefeller Plaza in New York on December 1 with Benefactor Preview starting at 6 P.M. Live auction begins at 8.


Honorary Chair Committee: Christy Turlington Burns, Ed Burns, Sharon Gannon, Donna Karan, Yoko Ono Lennon, David Life, Petra Nemcova, Horst Rechelbacher, Martin Scorcese, Max Snow, Sting, Kiran Stordalen, Trudie Styler, Uma Thurman, Fortuna Valentino, and Arden Wohl

Items include: original art pieces from Donald Baechler and Pat Steir; an exotic Geographic Expeditions trip for two, lunch at world class restaurant with Uma and Bob Thurman, a fashion shoot with top model and photographer, a vacation to India and Bhutan staying at the Taj Hotels, a $20K shopping spree at Donna Karan & walk-on-part on a major motion picture.  There will be many more items to bid on in the areas of contemporary or Asian art, photography, antique furniture, fine jewelry and accessories, vacation trips, tickets or invitations to special events, and other rare gift items.

Ticket prices are: $225 per person; 

$175 for Junior Tickets (under 35 years)

$500 VIP tickets* *(includes a preview and private reception).

Tickets can be purchased by calling (212) 631-3531

Christie's Auction catalog for Tibet House
Christie's Auction catalog for the Tibet House