Charles Wildbank on Overcoming Disability and Chasing One’s Passion

by Ryan Pierre NY Weekly January 30, 2021

Disability can be an unmotivating factor in people’s lives. But there are those whose afflictions only become stepping stones for tremendous success. For revolutionary visual artist and painter Charles Wildbank, that bittersweet tragedy to triumph story begins with his deafness and ends with a colorful career in the fine arts. 

Charles is a Long Island-based artist who has risen to prominence for his stellar work. His signature paintings include a variety of seascapes, florals, still life creations, and portraits. He has created commissioned and exhibited works that now frequent various institutions and personal art collections all over the country. Despite being deaf since birth, Charles has flipped the script of his life story and diminished his incapacity to nothing more than a small bump on his road to the halls of artistic greatness. 

All his life, Charles has revolved around visual art. He grew up frequenting museums and art collections worldwide, absorbing energy and inspiration from various significant artists. He has also brushed shoulders and learned from some of the global art scene’s most prominent names, including people like Andrew Wyeth, Audrey Flack, Neil Welliver, and David Hockney. 

In 1969, Charles culminated his painting career by gaining a fellowship into Yale University School of Music and Art at twenty-one. He finished cum laude at Pratt Institute the following year with a degree in Fine Arts. For a season, he taught in New York and Montreal, focusing on special education. By 1979, he had his first exhibition in Locust Valley, New York. Since then, Charles has morphed into an award-winning and internationally celebrated art figure. He has appeared on The Discovery Channel in an episode called “Deaf Mosaic.” He and his work have also appeared on various magazine covers throughout his career.

Charles Wildbank is the creator of “Sight Over Sound,” his brand of art that comes alive and activates all kinds of emotions through visual senses. His latest releases include a wide variety of large paintings that brings seascapes to life. His depictions of the oceans and waves seem to jump out of the canvas and leave audiences anticipating a crash of cold seawater all over exhibit floors. His work is so life-like that it makes a whole new world come alive before art enthusiasts everywhere. 

Charles unveiled his latest masterpiece recently, which depicted various refugee children surrounded by chain-link fences in his video “A Message of Hope”. He released this series as a grim reminder about the racial divide that the world faces amid growing globalization. Charles was also the master behind the commanding murals of Queen Mary 2, which also featured some vibrant pastoral scenes of America and Great Britain.

Also characteristic of Charles Wildbank’s best work is the mural “Emergence”, which draws inspiration from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. The Long Island-native artist evokes emotion and energy through his supercharged version of water molecules and waveforms on canvas through the series.

Through his dedication to the fine arts’ highest evolutions, Charles Wildbank has created a new dimension of reality for art lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts all over. He hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of his work and establishing his name as one of New York and American art icons.

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