Recent painting by Charles Wildbank is a commission for a collector in the Florida Keys. This canine painting “Best Friends” posed a challenge in that it depicts a pair of English Setters, one of which has long been deceased. It is a comfort that the two are reunited on canvas reminiscing of their glorious days together.

The scope of artist Charles Wildbank’s art commissions is never confined within any one genre. He has painted murals for the Queen Mary 2, portraits of celebrities, surreal seascapes, portraits, florals, still life and classical automobiles. His art can be viewed at his latest webpage

A Small Treasure

Recently, a small treasure has resurfaced since the family moved out of their big Long Island home, The John Philip Sousa House in Sands Point. It is a miniature needlepoint portraying Charles Wildbank’s parents which Charles painted onto a needlepoint grid from a snapshot taken in the Bahamas during the 1960’s.

Though small this needlepoint turned out, the features have managed to make it past the confining limitations of needlepoint to a pleasing result showing its perplexing pre-digital pixelation. Hardly did Wildbank realize until later during the 1990’s that he would be artistically involved in the digital age in his now digital painting through Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Wildbank continues his portrait work to this day. He hopes to have a large exhibition of his super portraits this summer 2012. Please visit his latest webpages at

Ocean Reef Club Hotel

Sisters: Caribbean Hour

Wildbank’s visit to Palm Beach and the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo last month was met with success. Art fans can now enjoy one of his sea life paintings of seashells, “Star of the Sea” in the reception desk area of the Ocean Reef Club Hotel. This clip shows an inside look as Charles applies paint strokes to the canvas including some of his other beach scenes.  Currently he is working on another large wave painting, a part of his Wave series due completion the end of this month. Please return to this blog for more details soon and check out his new webpage addition

Wildbank Summer of 2011 in the Hamptons

Mary McGuire interprets "Golden Wave" painting

Host Audrey Johnson and Mary McGuire Wien offers their interpretation on Wildbank’s Art at his public event during August 2011 in Bridgehampton at the Laurel Group of Baywoods. Interview is concluded by our caterer “Sen” of Sag Harbor in front of Wildbank’s “Wave” triptych mural.

Audrey Johnson’s news coverage is in three parts:

Artist Charles Wildbank

How to have fun while you paint

Golden Wave painting- Charles Wildbank

Wildbank launches new Art Portfolio site

"Golden Wave" painting in gold leaf by Wildbank

New portfolio format has a built in dimension information (size) and detail (zoom) navigation links for each painting. Viewers will have improved ease of visualising a particular painting in its architectural interior surroundings.  Also enclosed at bottom of portfolio page is a link for a complimentary e-brochure containing more information about artist Charles Wildbank. Many of the listed artworks are current and available to art collectors direct from Wildbank Studios in the wine country of eastern Long Island’s North Fork.

Wildbank at Mieko Yuki’s exhibit at Ippodo Gallery

Wildbank with BA KA SU by Mieko Yuki     Wildbank with BA KA SU by Mieko Yuki

On a wet Saturday afternoon, Mary and I took a tour of Chelsea’s galleries and stumbled upon the unusual ceramic masks and sculpture by Japan artist Mieko Yuki.  Also included in the exhibit are masks to the theme of the Ningyo Shimai Theatre performing this month in New York. The themes are rich in parables dating back to the Edo era.  As many cups of tea or sakes a day consumed by me are worn by this intriquing sculpture BA KA SU which is translated as “to bewitch” or “to change identities”. Here I was very warmly welcomed by Mieko and her crowd. The receptive atmosphere of the Ippodo Gallery brings forth fond memories of the tenderness I experienced in my travels to Japan. 

Doll Sisters Kazuko Yoshiyuki and Mieko Yuki with Charles Wildbank
Doll Sisters Kazuko Yoshiyuki and Mieko Yuki with Charles Wildbank

You have to experience the hospitality among the diverse people that I have in Japan as well as in New York in the Ippodo Gallery, and not to mention the unusual and delicious hors d’ouerves, of course, in the Japan style!

I’ve included a photo taken of me in Mount Koya at a monastery not too long ago to give you the idea of my passion for Japan. 🙂

Photographs and article, courtesy of Artist Charles Wildbank

Younger Wildbank at Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture
Younger Wildbank at Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture