Wildbank launches new Art Portfolio site

"Golden Wave" painting in gold leaf by Wildbank

New portfolio format has a built in dimension information (size) and detail (zoom) navigation links for each painting. Viewers will have improved ease of visualising a particular painting in its architectural interior surroundings.  Also enclosed at bottom of portfolio page is a link for a complimentary e-brochure containing more information about artist Charles Wildbank. Many of the listed artworks are current and available to art collectors direct from Wildbank Studios in the wine country of eastern Long Island’s North Fork.

Art Reception captured on video

Wildbank unveils his “Golden Wave” painting at The Laurel Group at Baywoods in Watermill. Interior designer Martin Ross spoke praises on painting “The Recital” of a surreal piano swept away at sea plus “The Buddha” shown.

The highlight of exhibition, “The Wave” painting, has been enlarged in Wildbank’s studio into a new triptych this year by adding a pair of panels  on each side, adding up to 14 feet length. It was a grand evening so professionally hosted by Mr. and Mrs. McAteer of The Laurel Group and catered by Sen restaurant of Sag Harbor serving delectable sushi and fine wine.

The Value of Art: the art of value

Adam Katz, Owner of Talon Air, at cockpit of his Gulfstream
Adam Katz, Owner of Talon Air, at cockpit of his Gulfstream

Who would have adequately estimated the value of a Van Gogh painting at the moment of its creation, save alone the artist himself?  Most likely the artist has painted humbly from his indefinable soul and as a counterpart, a new patron would emerge mutually recognizing this greater vision expressed through the work of art.

Adam Katz is one of my patrons. Owner of Talon Air and Sea Charter from Long Island, Adam supports value and it runs across the board in every aspect of living. It is an exchange of both worlds, the artist and patron relationship, but in terms of the broader vision of serving others at large. Adam’s vision is to enhance the businessman’s travel needs incorporating them into a seamless experience. Art can only lend to the tone and ambience of the headquarters, resonating its positive energy among all concerned who enter.

taloncopter2e1  serquee


It happened that because my photography expertise came handy, my images of his entire air and sea fleet created through large format giclee printing technology now adorn his corporation walls as well as some of my original oils as shown here.

Apres Golf, painting in oil, 60" X 84"


The art throughout would perpetuate this inherent enduring value as tokens of a lifelong friendship. Though usually understood as being priceless, many would agree that art itself appreciates and continues to remain appreciated.


Article and photographs, courtesy of Artist Charles Wildbank

Evening with friend Dan Rizzie at his opening reception

Artist Dan Rizzie in center with actor Bill Murray on right   Artist Dan Rizzie in center with Peter Marcelle, left and with actor Bill Murray on right


Artist friend Dan Rizzie is welcomed by Actor Bill Murray at the Spanierman Modern Gallery in midtown New York City at his smash hit opening reception. Mary and I enjoyed the evening’s ambience of this incredible gallery at a prime location off of Fifth Avenue. We have had the pleasure of meeting the gallery’s owner, Ira Spanierman and his wife. Also there was artist friend, Jeff Muhs and his wife of Southampton.  Great connections showed up among many: Peter Marcelle of Hampton Road Gallery in Southampton, who also showed Rizzie’s art, and artist Judy Rey Wasserman.

I had met and known Dan Rizzie from one of his informal lectures on his work in Long Island’s East End. His work is for me a most melodically colorful and geometric treat.

Photographed and written by Artist Charles Wildbank


Spanierman Modern Gallery hosting Dan Rizzie art
Spanierman Modern Gallery hosting Dan Rizzie art